In Mind

by Ian Britt

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released November 16, 2013



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Track Name: Through You
No more up and down
No more round about
No more looking back

No more crushing doubt
No more restless day
No more looking back

Break your curfew
Crawl out of your layered heart
Let me speak to you

Let your flesh dissolve
Let your walls fall down
Let me speak to you

Bring out your dead
Come lay them down

Sink you trouble, I know you hear me
Let the wave crash through you
Let the brave come through you

No more shadows cast
You have paved your way
this is your requiem

Let your fingers slip
Let you hold release
this is your requiem


No more up and down
No more round about
No more looking back

Track Name: Away
She don't listen anymore
I hear her clearly through the walls
I feel a sinking in my bones

She sees something she won't share
She is a wheel now and I am a prayer
I feel a sinking in my bones

I'm so scared I dare not say
I feel her softly inch away

Woah, I know she'll fall away from me
And leave me trembling in the breeze
Woah, away is where she wants to be
Anywhere away from me

Ice is forming in my veins
The mark of love becomes an stain
Something of me has died in her

I know she'll haunt me when she's gone
Trinkets of her on everyone
Something of me has died in her


Long time ago there was a time I turned her on
Long time ago
One eye upon the door I saw her planning her escape
With one eye upon the door
Track Name: Keep Chasing Me
I was born and I was raised
I was left and I've been saved

hess foot steps that I have made
Kicked on down through light and shade

I will reveal all I need
I will reveal more than I need

Take this cross from around my door
I don't need to live, don't need to live here no more
Take me back to when the future hung like a calling
Calling me for more

we would steel all we could
We would steel for the greater good

I've been learning to run away
Further everyday

On a night as clear as a snippers' mind
I shot my hope deep in a dirty mine
Now these eyes don't see so well

Keep chasing me, through the fields
Where this was all born, and secrets were sworn
Skies were bluer then, and boys ruled over men

We knelt down yeah, we felt so tall
Standing as one, stood to take the fall
Track Name: Tickets and Tokens
I'm your whirlwind romance
Save yourself cuz I am your last dance
I'll push your swing so you can reach the sky

the Cookie crumbled and in I flew
the cookie jar, oh I will fill for you
I'll be your chair so you can reach up higher

So, line your pockets with
And I will go get your tickets and tokens for free

Lay with me and I will lie no more
If your heart runs weak well then I will be the cure
I'm holding back the high tide to keep your feet dry

Life will be a bag of sweet
Oh no never tricks only ever treats
Hand on my heart there will be no bump in the night

Track Name: If You Will
Call to your mind those memories
Flickering fire on faces at ease
Climbing through windows and sleeping in cars
Vistas come ventures and heads full of stars

Oh I call to you

Beautiful ghosts and shadows in time
Still, we were children yet bold enough for crime
No I don't recall rain and I don't recall need
We stand by as the faith and promise recedes

Oh I call to you

There's a long way round I will take you there
If you will we are still walking on air

We stood like giants and spoke from the heart
Flickering fire in eyes full of sparks
All the poems we lived by and the storms we'd survive

Oh I call to you

Smiling on down we were safe back in the day
An ocean of life where ever we lay
Our minds were so high and our words were so brave
Our hearts we on hilltops before they were slaves